Top 5 Ways In Which You Can Renovate And Customize Your Roof

A shelter above your head is one of the three basic necessities of life. But what to do when the roof of your nest starts to leak or worse, falls off? Renovation is your only way out, right? Of course it is! But in the process, something that you can do other than just drilling a hole in your wallet is to do it in innovative ways!

Signs That Your Toronto Roofing Of Your House Needs Renovation

Now as much as you would want to avoid renovating your roof because of the amount by which it can make your pocket light-weight, you would not want to ignore the following signs that scream for your attention towards the roof of your house –

  1. Leaking roof
  2. Attic getting colder
  3. Cracks in shingles of the roof
  4. Whole pieces of shingles missing

And a dozen other small cracks and curls you start to notice.

Ways To Bring About Renovation With Innovation

1. Go Eco-friendly: One of the most durable roofing type is that made up of asphalt. Asphalt roofing can be of two types organic and fiberglass. Fiberglass is made up of, as the name suggests, fibers of glass. On the contrary, in the organic type, shingles are made up of cellulose fibers, either obtained from wood fibers or from recycled paper wastes. So the organic asphalt type not only presents itself as a durable option, but also one that extends hand towards protecting the environment.

2. Keep the Weight Factor In Mind: Asphalt shingles are good. But multiple layers of it can weigh down the roof. This is the same reason why you should avoid the slate roofing. So it’s very important to keep track of the number of layers of shingles to put down in order to balance the weight of the roof.

3. Ventilation: A proper ventilation kills me, said no house ever! And the thing most people fail to understand is, that their house’s attic feels the same way. Lack of ventilation leads to trapping of heat and moisture. Therefore, proper ventilation in the attic adds to the longevity of your Toronto Roofing.

4. Appearance Matters Too: While it’s true that longevity and sustainable development is important, but it’s no news that the appearance of your home sweet home matters to you too. If you love the classy touch that wooden shingles give, you can go for them. But the problem with wooden shingles is that it makes the house vulnerable to fires. And literally getting your house burned down is not a pretty picture! So the alternative is to get metal shingles mimicking redwood or rosewood or any kind of wood that pleases your eyes.

5. Repair of the Flat Roofing: The most common problem with flat roofs is that they leak. As they do not have much of a slope, water tends to stand and may cause leaks. This can be fixed by blocking the water from seeping in. This in turn can be done by either of the following:

  • By applying EPDM on the roof: EPDM is a polymer made of rubber and is extremely durable. Coating of roof with EPDM effectively increases its life.
  • Layering of roof with bitumen: Modified bitumen roofing is highly durable and weather-resistant.

Repairs might cost you a bit. But then it is worth it all.At the end of the day, “Home is where the heart is”!

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