Smart Parenting: Know What Gadgets Can You Use

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Change has been the only constant of the modern age. With every innovation and each invention, humankind has been propelled towards exponential growth. Every aspect of human life is today influenced by this change. Therefore, it is only inevitable that it has seeped into the most basic foundations of the way we live our lives. Even the bringing up of our young generation has been affected by these developments. Parenting in the 21st century is a whole new ballgame, quite different from what it used to be. Which is why here we have a look at how technology has come to the aid of aspiring parents and smoothened their roles as nurturing individuals:

Suzy Snooze: Made by baby tech innovation organization Bleep Bleeps, Suzy Snooze is a magnificent little sleep time contraption that is atoddler monitor, lullaby nightlight, and sleep schedule rolled into one. Furthermore, it is planned like a sleepy companion in a truly tall headdress. Push down the hat and her sleeping sequence begins. She turns on relieving sounds and shaded lights to help your kid nod off. At that point, she turns into a calming nightlight for the duration of the night. When morning comes, Suzy’s cap pop-ups on your planned time advising your toddler it’s a sunny time to get up. Associate Suzy to the BleepBleeps app and she turns into an audio-monitoring device, permitting you to tune into the life of your little one. It has been advised in a number of baby shows.

Kiinde Breastfeeding set: Lactating mothers need a lot of help and support to pump their breasts and store the milk to feed to their babies. Even when breast nursing comes obviously to fresh moms, it is still a laborious and bodilystrenuouschore. With this all-embracing breast nurturing set, you can pump, stock and nourish with the same sacks so you don’t miss a droplet of that fluid gold.

Smart Baby Bottle: The Baby Gigl is a smart baby bottle holder which determines the amount of liquid feed left in the bottle before and after a meal for your little one. The bottle is Bluetooth-enabled and logs in the timings of your toddler’s feed and syncs it up with your schedule providing vital data with regards to how much time it took for your baby to feed in one go. Much easier than scrawling it down on your sketchbook or phone. If the bottle is held at a mistakenslant and consequently allowing more air in instead of fluid, that could lead to bellyache and gastritis; Baby Gigl will send off pointers via the LED displays so parents can quickly rectify the blunder and have less trouble when belching the sweetie later.

Smart Watch: Like Octopus, there are a number of smart watches around which have been featured on baby shows and child exhibitions which help to make the concept of time easier for your little one to understand. It is a watch which shows the time along with the graphic image of the task to be associated with such time. Imagine how your toddler would react to being able to associate 9:00 pm with dinner and 12:00 noon with lunch. There is a dedicated application and a large library from where to choose your favorite icon to be shown to your baby. It is basically a scheduler that assists your loved one in doing various chores and tasks on its own.

In this way, using this application can undoubtedly reduce the woes and stress that come bundled with the joy of parenting. Many baby shows have endorsed their usage and it only helps to know that your toddler is getting all the support needed for a healthy growth.