3 Ways Hardwood Flooring Can Modernize Your Home

You may think that adding hardwood flooring to your home will age it or give it a classic appeal, but the opposite can be true. Here are 3 ways that this type of floor option can actually give your home a more modern look.

A fresh, streamlined look

Adding hardwood flooring to your kitchen, entry way, or living room can actually help streamline your home for a contemporary appeal. The key to using hardwood in this fashion lies in choosing a darker wood, such as black, cherry red, or even a deep caramel hue. Purple Heart, Walnut, and Brazilian woods help transform how you think about hardwood flooring in general.

A bright makeover

If your goal is to achieve a more well-lit and welcome atmosphere in your home, then hardwood flooring in a classic white pine or honeyed hue is just what you need. The lighter floors reflect lighting and make smaller rooms appear much larger. Lighter hardwood is an ideal choice for bedrooms, family rooms, or even dining areas where you want space to shine.

Conversation piece appeal

You want your home to have a great personality, and hardwood flooring can assist in this area as well. Consider unique flooring options, such as bamboo, distressed wood, or even reclaimed barn wood for your home to give it the modern and truly unique look you are going for. Aged wood in particular is beneficial in the home, since no two pieces look alike and you get a large variety of etchings, marks, and texture. If you are choosing hardwood for its conversation piece appeal, then you want to cover a large square footage at a time in a common area, such as your living room or entry way into a grand room.

Whether you want to upgrade your home to sell it or you want to modernize your living space for your own needs, you can achieve your goal with hardwood flooring Toronto. Talk to a contractor to see which types of flooring are available within your budget.

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